I’m too sexy for my fur,
Too sexy for my fur,
Too sexy by far,
And I’m too sexy for my crate,
Too sexy for my crate,
All the haters gonna hate.
I’m a showdog, you know what I mean,
And I do my little run on the dogwalk,
Yeah, on the dogwalk,
Yeah, I shake my little tush on the dogwalk….

So, Jett and Xen and Kate and I went to Working Dog Weekend at Lake Farmpark. Kate got to do a pretzel tunnel, which she thought was pretty cool, and both Jett and Xen participated in the agility demo (which included the pretzel tunnel.) Both  dogs showed VERY well, and ran happy and fast and clean and made me look like an awesome agility handler.

Here is Jett’s turn:

Xen, though, was far and away the star of the show. When she was working at Canine Affair Center’s table later, everyone recognized her as “the one who went so fast in the agility.”

And here is Xen’s turn…

As you can see, the fame has gone to her head. The above song is what I heard coming from Xen’s crate when I left for work this morning….

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