Saturday, Kate Qed in P1 Snooker, 22″, 4th place:
Kate P1 Snooker POAC 6-22-13 Q 4th place

Sunday, she NQed in P1 Jumpers, 22″:
Kate P1 Jumpers POAC 6-23-13 NQ

Also, in other good news:

Xennie MX

Xen completed her MX on Friday May 17, 2013, at the Greater Toledo Obedience Training Club’s trial in Sylvania. As always, it was a fabulous trial and terrific people!

Xen’s MX run

Yeah, yeah, she jerked my chain a bit on the A-frame. Even with that lost time, she got 17 speed points for this run.

Now to finish her MXJ, and see if she’ll cooperate on the whole QQ thing.

Xen’s first QQ

Friday, April 26, 2013
Plus a 78-point 1st place Q in Open FAST.


Open FAST:

Hey, Echo!


Because Xen should have a theme song

Now she does.

Watch “Xen JWW Q 9.1.12” on YouTube

Yay for Kinsey Marie!

Today, at the GTOTC agility trial, Kinsey and I finished her MX, then iced the cake by making it a QQ.
Youtube links to both runs precede this post.

Also, Xen and I got MXJ legs #2 and #3 this weekend. Link to yesterday’s run to be posted next. No video of today’s Q. 🙁

Watch “Kinsey JWW Q 9.2.12” on YouTube

Watch “Kinsey Std Q 9.2.12” on YouTube

USDAA at last!

Xen and Rob had an off-course tunnel incident restarting the weaves in Advanced Standard on Saturday.
(Please note that Xen and I have been in Advanced Standard since September 6, 2009. Wow. scary…)
Sunday, they got it!!! (there’s video, somewhere). So, Xennie AAD!!!

Also, I Q’ed in Steeplechase on Saturday. Also video, again, somewhere. And, 4th place. So, Xen and I now have 3/5 of the Tournament Q’s she’ll need for her ADCH, also comprising 2/3 of the required Tournament types required for the ADCH.

Progress has been made. I’m happy. This weekend felt really connected.

Saturday, Jett ran in a timely and happy manner, with Q’s and ribbons (duh!) in Veterans Snooker and Jumpers. Sunday, she landed after Jump #1 and just…looked bad. Momentum took her to, and over Jump #2, and I thanked the judge and The Jett and we got her leash and collar. Both runs.

Crate rest for now, then we’ll see. She’s entered again in 2 weeks, 2 runs/day AKC…

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