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Mom says I’m gonna have Puppies!

We visited Dr. Debbie Ting today, and she petted me and she spent a bunch of time feeling my belly. Then she told Mom she felt bumps inside there, that mean that I’m going to have puppies.

Why did nobody warn me that this might happen?

I’m not feeling so great

Just, tired. And wanting to lounge around on the deck when I’m outside, instead of explorifying the woods, and playing Navy Seal under the deck. Sigh…

Wait, what? No!!

Can you believe?

Mom and Uncle Daddy are going to a trial this weekend.

And they’re taking my step-Tervs, Indy and Kinsey. And my stinky-breath older sister, Jett.


I swear, I shall BARK! the entire time they are gone. All. Three. Days.


I’m home! I’m home!

Holiday Fun Sheep Camp was fun, but I’m really happy to be back home again!

My own yard, my own box to sleep in, my own Terv to herd!

I’m tired of Calvin

Apparently, he only wanted one thing…and Mom warned me about boys like him! I’m still having fun at Holiday Fun Sheep Camp. I especially like hiking in the north pasture with my friend Isabel!

As much fun as I’m having, though, I am looking forward to going home on Monday.

But I’m not sure what. Lot’s of people seem to think this looks good, though. Whatever that means.

I’m in Wisconsin! I’m spending the week here with my new friend, Calvin. This is Calvin:

I think he is VERY handsome! Also, he owns his own sheep! Lots of sheep!

On Saturday, he let me play with his sheep. I think he loves me!

I heard my mom talking about puppies. I’m not sure what that has to do with my spending a week at Holiday Fun Sheep Camp with my camp boyfriend, Calvin, though.