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This is Pteri. She’s a Piliated Woodpecker, and now a two-time sighting at our feeder.
Welcome, Pteri!

Lots of stuff has happened.

And Qs.
And Kate getting to get re-acquainted with littermate Brooke.
And Xen’s birthday.
But at least there are sort of pictures for the last two. And maybe some video. Somewhere. Which might, or might not, get posted sometime.
But for now, we hiked.

We including Rob, Hanna, Xen and Kate. We named the rock from the last hiking post “Kate’s Kalamity Rock.”
We didn’t take a picture of it.
Xen wasn’t entirely, always, on board with the guest list and game plan.

Xen thinks maybe Kate should’ve stayed home.

Some of it, she was okay with me, at least.

It was a lovely day, not too hot, and there was wading and swimming (if one was a border collie) and even Kate swam some, and she’s getting better at it.
She was Big and Brave in the deep bit where she freaked a bit last time we were here.

I wish I had the capability to capture decent quality video of some of the leaps they both managed, rock to rock, today. They’re just lovely!
As we were leaving, hiking up out of the lower ravine, to the stairs that take one the rest of the way, the grrrls were wrestling each other, and checking out a kid hiking down in. They didn’t come right away, so the kid hiked back up a bit to redirect them. Thank you, Dog-Savvy Kid at the Waterfall Today.

So, yeah, Xen had a birthday

And the company which cleverly employs me recently bought one of those programmable LED signs, like a mini-electronic billboard. It’s on top of the roof of the building, and I’m the employee who makes the slides to display on it. It’s actually on a fairly high-traffic street (West 150th Street, in Cleveland) and I’m told that at night you can see the glow when you get off the interstate two blocks south.
And the owner told me I could display a birthday slide for Xennie!
Here it is:

And here’s how it looked on the sign:

Happy Sixth Birthday, my Xennie!