Xen and Rob had an off-course tunnel incident restarting the weaves in Advanced Standard on Saturday.
(Please note that Xen and I have been in Advanced Standard since September 6, 2009. Wow. scary…)
Sunday, they got it!!! (there’s video, somewhere). So, Xennie AAD!!!

Also, I Q’ed in Steeplechase on Saturday. Also video, again, somewhere. And, 4th place. So, Xen and I now have 3/5 of the Tournament Q’s she’ll need for her ADCH, also comprising 2/3 of the required Tournament types required for the ADCH.

Progress has been made. I’m happy. This weekend felt really connected.

Saturday, Jett ran in a timely and happy manner, with Q’s and ribbons (duh!) in Veterans Snooker and Jumpers. Sunday, she landed after Jump #1 and just…looked bad. Momentum took her to, and over Jump #2, and I thanked the judge and The Jett and we got her leash and collar. Both runs.

Crate rest for now, then we’ll see. She’s entered again in 2 weeks, 2 runs/day AKC…

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