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Xen is a terrific Mom

Although she’s not-so-much on playing with other dogs, she’s always willing to wrestle and play with her daughter!








Catching up

Xen and Kate came home Thursday, January 19.

Kate is very cute.









Saturday, January 21, Kate got to meet some new friends.

Including Emma.

And Linda.

And Hardy.




Party Animals!

Per Joyce Norris:

 I will be attaching pictures of the puppies who will be 5 wks tomorrow. Liz came to visit again with her great camera.  We thought you might like to see how the puppies celebrated the New Year.
  They are growing so fast now and running around doing cute things.  Saturday Yvonne and Terry Harris came to visit,  Sunday my nieces with 3 kids, husbands and my other nephew came to see pups, which overwhelmed them at first. When they all came in the room the pups ran and hid under the wagon. Once everyone got settled slowly they all started to emerge and everything got wild. We had kids and pups running amuck.  Pups loved the attention and having kids to bite on is such fun.  What a great experience they had.
Today Liz came and brought them two new toys. Before we knew it they had her toys carried into their basket in their pen and were chewing on them.  We put collars on them for the first time, got a small tunnel out and then took pictures. They had a fun time.  Liz will have a time deciding which pup to take.  She is hoping to come back next weekend to see them again.  Everyone was in and out of her lap, giving her kisses, untying her shoe laces etc.   She realized she will have to get some slip on shoes or velcro ones. We also gave them a metal article and they took turns chewing on it and finally carrying it back to the bed.  They are also starting to play rough with each other now. Putting each other down, biting on ears and hearing each other cry.  They are working things out and no one yet seems like a bully.  Nate loves to sit in my lap whenever I am on the floor. He allows the others to come visit but after a while he tries to run them off, possessing me for himself.  Only time I see him running around playing is if I am not sitting on the floor. He has claimed my lap.  Everyone is a good kisser except my pup Edge. I have to force a kiss or two out of her.  She is not a get in your face pup I guess.
Hard to believe they are 5 wks already.  In two weeks they will belong to you all.  My plans are to do the structure evaluation on Saturday the 14th. I have friends that have show beagles and have done my litters for years. Have a time set up Sat at 2:00.  On Monday we will be doing the Positive Puppy Preview Temperament test. My fried Diane is coming over to do that for me and Liz and possible Yvonne and Terry will be coming to help and see it.  They will be 7 wks that Tuesday.  I will be leaving on the 18th heading to Monee, IL on my way to MI to do a duck herding Demo.  I am planning to bring Xen and Kate up to Anain MI and will bring Nate for Margaret and Linda and Tara their pups if they can pick them up at Nancy Lindsays on Wed afternoon.  Liz is going to take Edge and her pup to keep for the week for me.  I will be doing duck herding demos at the Oakland KC show in Novi, MI  On Friday, Sat . and Sun then heading home on Monday the 23rd.  Time is flying by. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I will send two at a time.