I am a bad blogger. I get busy, and I do silly things like enroll in a couple classes at the local community college, because, hey, working a real job, plus teaching a couple dog agility classes a week, plus owning border collies…well, I guess I had too much time on my hands? (Not…)

Semester is winding down. And we had a chance to sneak in a sheep lesson on Saturday.

Xen has not seen sheep in two years. Because I am a bad Border Collie Mommy.

Cheryl started us off with, “Let’s see what she’ll do with…” DF0NQ7vyqwY


She did better with more long line and fewer sheep and less space. cOg-K7wvipU

My whole “not so good with the left-right thing” is evident. Cheryl’s patience with us is incredible.

Kate thought the whole sheep things was “it was like it was all tunnels, everywhere…and they were made of BACON”

Well, okay, Kate likes sheep. Nasty wicked rope-burn was involved. Cheryl loaned me some nice gloves, and all was well. Here is as well as it got; she’s really into this whole “sheep” thing, near as I can tell. I wish I weren’t scared of sheep…  watch?v=eYTZqxUSkhM




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