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Xen’s New Bling

Okay, so Xen came into season weekend before last, when we were at my Dad’s house. I had to pull her from the GTOTC trial, and leave her with my Dad and my Stepmonster for the weekend. Thanks, Linda! You’re the bestest stepmonster evers!

Indy and I hit Petco on our way home from the trial Friday for some bitch britches.  (Xen spent Thursday night and Friday in a pair of my polka-dotted bikinis, with the waistband safety-pinned to fit and a tail hole cut in them. It was a stopgap measure at best. Thanks, again, Linda!!)  What they had, in size Xen, was a two-pack of dark blue denim bitch britches. We purchased them.

She’s got a dark blue pair, and a light blue pair that I purchased for Kinsey, but now Kinsey’s spayed, so they’re Xen’s. I decided that we needed to bling her new ones up. I got the little hand-held adhesive crystal setter, and a couple of pre-fabbed iron-on designs, and had at them over the weekend.

These are the ones she wore out to dinner at our favorite Mexican eatery. She sits on a chair at the (outdoor) table, and is stunningly well-behaved there. The staff has gotten accustomed to her, and they are all good when I say things like “And the young lady would like a refill on her water, please.” I call them her Tramp Stamp Bitch Britches.


For the second pair, I got a pre-fabbed pawprint pattern, then added her name in blue crystals (to match her left eye, of course.) She wore them to agility class tonight, and she looked FABULOUS!

See? (click for larger images)




A couple more hiking photos…

…since Kate wasn’t actually the ONLY dog there…


And it’s a lovely place to play…

Memorial Day hike

Yesterday, we took Xen, Indy, and Kate to the waterfall to play. We failed to take a camera.

Today, we took Hanna, Kinsey, Jett and Kate (again) to the waterfall to play. We remembered a camera.

Here’s Kate. She’s right at 6 months old now, so I fear this is where we’re at,  in terms of her selected ear-style. I am still hopeful that she will grow into them a bit more, size-wise. Those are some seriously large, goofy ears…



She also managed to get herself into a spot of trouble. Xen has always been a natural swimmer. Kate doesn’t like to get in over her head. She didn’t realize what she was getting into, but, hey, Hanna is RIGHT THERE to save her, so all is well…





I think I’m in real trouble now!


My last resort; hang on in grim determination, and whine until someone comes to rescue me.


As it turned out, she got all brave, let go, and swam the 4 feet to safety and shallowness, just on this side of the rock she’s on…

I am a bad blogger

I am a bad blogger. I get busy, and I do silly things like enroll in a couple classes at the local community college, because, hey, working a real job, plus teaching a couple dog agility classes a week, plus owning border collies…well, I guess I had too much time on my hands? (Not…)

Semester is winding down. And we had a chance to sneak in a sheep lesson on Saturday.

Xen has not seen sheep in two years. Because I am a bad Border Collie Mommy.

Cheryl started us off with, “Let’s see what she’ll do with…” DF0NQ7vyqwY


She did better with more long line and fewer sheep and less space. cOg-K7wvipU

My whole “not so good with the left-right thing” is evident. Cheryl’s patience with us is incredible.

Kate thought the whole sheep things was “it was like it was all tunnels, everywhere…and they were made of BACON”

Well, okay, Kate likes sheep. Nasty wicked rope-burn was involved. Cheryl loaned me some nice gloves, and all was well. Here is as well as it got; she’s really into this whole “sheep” thing, near as I can tell. I wish I weren’t scared of sheep…  watch?v=eYTZqxUSkhM