Yesterday, we took Xen, Indy, and Kate to the waterfall to play. We failed to take a camera.

Today, we took Hanna, Kinsey, Jett and Kate (again) to the waterfall to play. We remembered a camera.

Here’s Kate. She’s right at 6 months old now, so I fear this is where we’re at, ┬áin terms of her selected ear-style. I am still hopeful that she will grow into them a bit more, size-wise. Those are some seriously large, goofy ears…



She also managed to get herself into a spot of trouble. Xen has always been a natural swimmer. Kate doesn’t like to get in over her head. She didn’t realize what she was getting into, but, hey, Hanna is RIGHT THERE to save her, so all is well…





I think I’m in real trouble now!


My last resort; hang on in grim determination, and whine until someone comes to rescue me.


As it turned out, she got all brave, let go, and swam the 4 feet to safety and shallowness, just on this side of the rock she’s on…

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